X-carve PRO 2x4 for sale

Hey crew-
I bought a 2x4 x-carve pro when they were released. It showed up 2 weeks ago. Plans for my small biz have changed, and I’m now selling for the original pre-sale price I paid. I thought I’d pass this along to someone else here as it’s a pretty big savings from the current price. ( I believe over 2k)

It’s brand NEW and unassembled. I did have the delivery guys take most of the packaging with them at drop off, so this would need to be a local pick up in person.

Please send any questions my way. I’m in Bend, OR

Small bump to see if there’s interest - thanks crew!

BRAND new - $6,000
Which is 2500 off current price, and you can get it now!

Are you interested in shipping this unit?

Hi Robert -
that may be tough, but I’m open to talking.
Inventables has a white glove delivery service, and part of that is them taking the shipping crate away. They did that and all I have is the foam insert. As you know its quite heavy and needs to be adequately protected. Where are you located?

I’m in the ATL area. You would probably have to build another crate to fit the foam. Some shipping companies may offer that service.

SOLD. best to all!

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