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X-Carve Pro and IOT Relay

Does anyone have any information on whether we can attach an OIT relay for turning on dust collection etc during a carve as we did with the X-Carve?

I would like to know this as well…

In the machine tab / advanced, you can click the “Accessory Commands”. It’ll send a M7 & a M8 at the start of the run, then at the end, run a M9.

If you know how to use that (I personally don’t…but i’m researching now), you can get it to work.

John Hays at Inventables (Senior Technical Support Specialist) is who I’ve been dealing with on the xcarve pro. He is getting with the engineering group as to the proper wiring setup to use the mist or flood connections. I will post what he sends me.


Ordered a set of 1/4 solderless screw plugs. NANYI TS 1/4 Inch Jack, 6.35mm Mono Male Plug for Guitar/Speaker/Microphone Cable That can be Solderless Screw - 2 Pack: Industrial & Scientific

In the machine tab / advanced, click the “Accessory Commands” box.
Install plug in either FLOOD or MIST.
Connected wires from this to the IOT relay.
Powers on the vacuum system just like the regular xcarve.

Happy Carving!!! :grinning:


Is there a difference between FLOOD or MIST? I assume not, but what are they actually for? Is it possible to use them for different things, controlled separately?


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Thanks, it worked perfectly!

Is this the IoT relay y’all are using? Or do you have a different one you’d recommend?


Yes, that is the one I am using and it works great!