X-Carve Pro Collet Nut (ER16-A)

To my disappointment, my XCP only came with one collet nut, seems silly to keep swapping my collets back and forth, so naturally I went online to the shop here and cannot seem to find the ER16-A collet nut for the XCP.

So then I went over to ToolsToday.com and found it! However when I received the ER16-A collet nut, I quickly realized it’s twice the diameter and does not fit on the XCP.
So do not order the 28mm one from ToolsToday.

Anyone have this same thought, but find the solution? Would love to order a second one in order to streamline bit size changes.

Please advise!



The XCP apparently uses an odd threaded spindle and requires a Er16A nut with a m22x1.5 thread.

This listing has multiple collet nuts in one listing, when you select m22x1.5 thread it changes to the ER16A collet size. This is the correct size and thread for the XCP

@SethCNC Do you know these are the correct diameter? Have you ordered and used these yourself?

@SethCNC yeah, i bought the first one off Amazon, and surprise surprise it’s twice the size as well. Now I have six nuts to return and hopefully get my money back on.

Twice the diameter? Got a pic?

@SethCNC I appreciate you trying to help.

But i’m holding the nut that i use on my X-Carve Pro in my hand and it’s labeled ER16-A.
I only own one CNC, and it’s the one I’m referring to though.

The other two I purchased, are also labeled ER16-A. However, the XCP one is 15/16" in diameter and the other two are 1.25" in diameter. I measured them with a digital caliper.

@ForEverSkateStuff Use those digital calipers on your spindle threads. My guess is they’re about 19mm?
The threads are different in your collets. I’ve seen er16 collet nuts with M19 1.0 threads (looks like the XCP) in addition to the standard M22 1.5 threads.
You have to check the thread specification, and you have to trust the sellers published information (tools today - probably, Amazon - maybe).

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Curious to hear what other’s find with the ER11 collets. It would be nice to have the 1/8" collet already set in a nut. I’ve pinched my fingers a few times changing it out. I actually started replacing most of my fine bits and v-carve bits with 1/4" versions for this reason.

My biggest wish/miss for the XCP is to allow 1/2" shank router bits. I’m sure the spindle couldn’t handle some of the larger 1/2" shank bits, but would have been nice to have the option for the ones it could handle.

I asked Inventables and they replied the spindle is M22 x 1.5.


I reached out to inventables about this and they were able to replicate the confusion on my end with the collect nut not fitting the smaller size of the thread diameter of the XCP. They are looking in to it and asked me to hang tight until they offer the nut on their site. It is what it is I guess for the time being.
Hope it’s available soon for convenience sake.

Seth, I have the x-carve that came with the DeWalt 611. I bought some bits not realizing they had a 6mm shank. They came with the collet insert but the DeWalt collet has a fixed insert. By any chance do you know if the ER11( I’m thinking the ER11 by reading the posts here) would work on the 611? The bits seem really nice but I can’t use them! :rage:
Thanks, Duane

The er11 doesn’t fit the DW611 correctly

Damn. Thought I might have lucky there for a minute. :))

You can get a 6mm collet.

Dewalt Style Palm Router Collets
Part number - DWP-2362


Neil Thank you, Thank you! I will be ordering one today.


@ForEverSkateStuff - did you figure it out?
I’m also interested in the answer because I did the same thing as you. I ordered a set of 16-A from Amazon and couldn’t figure out why they are not the same size as the one I received with the XCP.

I’m still annoyed having to switch out the collet every time…


Inventables got back to me and even they didn’t realize the size difference that the manufacturer used. They said please bear with them till they offer the exact one on the site to buy.
It’s very inconvenient I agree.

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The nut on my XCP says M19 * 1 on it. It seems like they have more than one size of spindle threads, maybe?

Inventables reached out to me, they are aware of it. It’s why the ones they have listed in their store now explicitly clarify that they do not work with XCP regardless of the ER16A label. I’m just waiting patiently for them to provide some for sale.

See, this is the size that My (non-XCP) uses… so it sounds like Some XCP’s shipped with m19x1 threaded spindles and others shipped with M22x1.5 threaded…

For the M19x1 most of the Amazon listings for Er16-A are the right ones…
The Edited Link I provided above is for the M22 Threads.

This one is the M19x1 thread.

The choice is yours, to make, but looks like the M19 us the correct for yours and the M22 is the correct for ForEverSkateStuff
But I would still contact Inventables Support and get clarification as to whether they have mixed batches and what’s going on with all that…