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X Carve Pro Delays

Anyone else keep getting emails about the delays with the pro delivery?

I am starting to get frustrated with this whole preorder process. The first email way back in February was understandable with the way the world was last year.

Fast forwarding a few months they said they would be ready quicker then August and would be out in June sometime. Then we get an email of beginning of July mid July. Only to receive an email the next day that says incorrect information and I would receive it by the end of July.

It’s mid July with no update just waiting on a shipping notification any minute put out the funds to get a metal table made with wheels made. Only to receive an email on the 22nd that they were 3-4 weeks out possibly 8 weeks.

Now today’s email. If you haven’t gotten it already I am sorry but it doesn’t look like we will be getting them until the end of September. They are not going to start producing then until the end of August. So it turns out it was the full 8 weeks, but some people are still getting their pro’s delivered just this week…

It becoming frustrating because I have fall shows coming up and I have plans for bigger projects I can’t complete due to the multiple delays…

Is anyone else just as frustrated as I am?

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I just found out moved to November-December. Ordered in February.

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I ordered mine in October last year, received it 3 weeks ago. Judging from that, November sounds about right. It took a long time to receive, but I have to say, it is well worth the wait. Did my first 1/2 sheet of 3/4 plywood cutout for a cabinet using a 1/8" bit, was completed in 31 minutes. 7 pieces, dados, drill holes, all done in that time. Very little finish sanding was required. Huge step up from the X-Carve.

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This gives me hope. Kinda curious as to how they are shipping them out. I ordered mine first week of November in the first pre-order timeframe. I just have alot riding on this getting here.

Side question what did you use to design your cabinet?

I made my order on the last day of the first promotion they ran (end of October/beginning of november) and i didn’t get my machine until the end of June. I was also pretty frustrated, but realizing that these were the first and second round of machines coming out of the factory. Not to mention, with each wave, they are learning from us about what tweaks need to be made. This machine is as incredible as they say, and as a first time CNC user, the learning curve has not been as steep as i thought it would be. The wait is worth it!

Well I have wondered that question for awhile now. We ordered on the same day I believe and there is no system to how they are being delivered. Just sending them out randomly.

@BrandonSzuch , On your side question:

I used paper and pencil first, then figured part layout using (which is a fantastic tool if you do much with plywood sheets, and free). Then I adjusted slightly for Easel to give a slight edge for clamping. There was also some trial and error on scrap pieces for dado cuts.

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I ordered mine at the same time, still have not received it. Not a problem, life is life. It will be good in the end

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