X Carve Pro Owners Near Me


Looking to create this topic as I am new here. Completely new to the CNC world and looking to make my first time purchase on the X Carve Pro after doing hours and hours of research.

I wanted to create this thread for anyone like myself who is looking to get the last final step before making the purchase. I know everyone has a busy schedule and a business to run but for those who are willing and have the extra time to speak with a person who is serious about the X Carve Pro this thread is directed to you.

So with that said is there anyone who owns an X Carve Pro near me?

I am located near Riverside, CA 92557. I have done tons of research on it and scheduled a meeting with someone from the Inventables team to show me through the machine but would LOVE to see this bad boy first hand and possible ask any questions to a fellow owner.

Please let me know if so. I am grateful for any and all help provided.

Thanks everyone!


Can’t speak to the Pro vs the regular x-Carve. I have the latter, but I think Easel is the same. I am a pro user, for about 2 years. Learned a ton from this forum, and I am pretty comfortable with Easel operation, as well as my xCarve. Mine has the complete upgrade, 1000x1000/Stepper motors/side rails/Z and Gantry etc.

I live in Mentone (just east of Redlands) 92359 and would be happy to help if you need. You could even come over for a beer (or soda) and some hands on.

Reach out if you are interested.



I’ve had the 1000m and now i have the PRO. I live in the central valley just south of Fresno. If you want to take a trip or plan a facetime

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Sounds like you have several users closer, I am in Vegas. Am an initial purchaser of the XCarve Pro. Still learning Easel but successfully using VCarve Pro. Would be happy to offer any help I can.

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Fellow Las Vegas person here. I just ordered my pro, it should come in the next week. DM me please

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