X-Carve Pro - Step 13. Finish set up in Easel - Homing Trouble

Hi all,

I am on step 13 (X-Carve Pro Assembly Instructions). I finally found a laptop that will connect to the xcarve pro controller.

Next, I login to easel to initiate the setup, select 4x4. Next, I select all the arrows, and the machine successfully moves x, y, and z axis in the direction of the arrow.

Next, and this is the step I can’t get pass is the homing. When I do it, it goes to the left front corner and then stutters. I hit cancel. And then it advises me to tighten my nuts but warns me the machine will move back every 12 inches. I say okay and the machine does not move back 12 inches.

Nevertheless, I check all the nuts and everything is good to go.

What am I doing wrong?

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The homing typically fails because the limit switches are not being pressed and may nee to be slightly relocated to be properly pressed.

You can exit the setup process and then in Easel go into machine inspector (press Ctrl+Shift+D) and there you can send the home command $H and watch the circles turn green as it homes, you will see Z pass, and then either X or one of the Y’s is failing to signal, and you may have to open the covers and re-locate the switch, repeating this process until it does press properly…

Also with the cover open you should also be able to press the switch manually to see the circle change to green to ensure the switch itself is working properly.

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Hi Seth,

Thank you for the fast response and support.

I went to the machine inspector and see the picture below.

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Where is the switch for the Z?

Oh, so the issue must be the y1 / y2 because there are 2 switches in the XCP.

What happens is the z homes by touching the switch, backing off, touching again slower and backing off again.
And then now that it knows its high and safe it heads to the front left where it should hit the x, y1, and y2. Then back off, but yours looks like it might be be backing off, this could have to do with the switches being swapped.

It would be more helpful if that had that screen show y1 And y2 for the XCP :man_shrugging:

Can you verify which alarm # shows in that console part it should say a number in there. I’m guessing alarm # 9, but it could also be #8 and these would indicate 2 different issues.

Here’s a reference of the alarm meanings: Gerbils Alarm, error and option codes – AwesomeTech

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