X-Carve Question

On the X-carve as it is carving will get deeper and deeper in the cut by at least 3mm while going to the right on the X-axis. Everything is level (rails, Z-rail, etc). How can I keep it from cutting deeper?

As I make Coasters with a design on them, each one gets deeper cut.

How can I fix this?

Thank you for your help in advance!


Sounds like your washboard might be little warped. I too had same issue.

When I check level on washboard, it’s not spot on but it is close… but the close could be enough I guess?

Thank you so much for your response.


Jeremy. I bet if you put the tip right on the surface on either left or right side, then move it across to the other side, I think you will see what I mean. I noticed some “area’s” were little better than others, but overall it was far from flat. haha
You can You tub it, and you will see similar issues and how everyone is re-surfacing it, or like me using a secondary washboard on top that I surface “flat”.

Coasters are small in X/Y and a 3mm Z discrepancy is a alot for a warped board - not your probable cause.

I think you are loosing steps causing Z to be actually lower than what it think its position is.
Have you checked your pinion/pulley set screws lately? Secured with blue Loctite?

What are your settings for:

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losing steps in the Z usually results in shallower cuts since steps are usually lost as the bit is driven down rather than as it is pulled back up. If you are using a up spiral bit and it is not thoroughly tight in the collet, the bit can get pulled downward out of the router as the cut progresses. This would result in deeper cuts.

I disagree, steps can be lost with z raising if there is binding.
Are the v wheels adjusted correctly? Is the delrin nut lubricated and in correct alignment?
Is the pulley grub screw tight to the a screw?

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I figured it out… I had 0 set screws. Both were gone… what!!!

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and ideas!


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