X Carve randomly shut off and now will not connect

We’ve had our x carve for a couple months now, after assembly we’ve probably done 20 or so cuts with minimal issues. Yesterday I was doing the same cut repeatedly, with minor change, and after one of the cuts, the controller simply shut down and disconnected from the computer.

The power LED on the E-stop side will no longer turn on, indicating that the controller logic and stepper drivers are not turning on for some reason, although the power supply and power board are, as indicated by the power led next to the switch and the fan spinning.

I have checked the E-stop, power reset both the computer and controller multiple times, and used multiple usb-b cables in different usb ports. I opened the controller and checked all connections and didn’t see anything immediately obvious as to what went wrong such as component failure.

In windows device manager it appears as a “USB Serial Converter”, although I don’t know if that at all changed since it was working. When the estop is pressed, the USB device disconnects, indicating that the logic board and usb controller at least receiving power, but yet the LED remains off and it will not connect.

If anybody has any idea how to fix this or why it might have happened it would be appreciated.

Upon further investigation, it seems as if the logic board LED is blown out, as when completely disconnected it measures and open load over the LED, while it is receiving 5v power from the same bus which powers the usb controller and other logic chips. Despite this, it still does not connect, even though I have manually checked the com port, and it does not explain why it randomly did this and also blew out the LED for no clear reason.

Somehow I’ve fixed it by just messing with the connectors I guess, one of them must of been loose or something, even though they definitely weren’t. I still don’t understand how the LED got fried through.