X-Carve Service and Test Video

I have put together a short video showing a set of four service checks to do on the X-Carve and then a test that can be done to see how well your X-Carve performs.

Here is the link:

You can push your X-Carve a little harder than I have done, say up to 40 mm per second (about 70 inches per minute) feed rate if you feel it is safe. From what I have learnt from Allen Massey and others it looks as though the spindle speed for the Dewalt is best kept low as we cannot attain the higher feed rates that allow a greater RPM.

The key thing is to establish what your X-Carve can do. It may have extra stiffening or other special features that sets it above (or below) the average.



Thank you Peter nicely done. Easy to follow, clear direction.

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