X Carve Setup

Hello, I am setting up our new X-Carve and when I test the Y Axis the machine shifts cockeyed, like one rail is pulling and the other does not move. Does it each way when I hit the up and down arrow. Any help would be much appreciated.


Go back to the assembly instructions. There is a step where you reverse two of the stepper motor wires on one of the Y motors.

Are you talking about where it gets wired into the power supply or on the rails itself? The rails look correct to me and I just went over the Y axis instructions.

Look very closely at the wire colors on Y1 and Y2. You will notice that green and black are reversed on Y2.


Thank you so much. I just noticed that.

You might be able to help me… What is the difference when you are doing your machine setup and you select Ardino or X Controller as the means of controlling? Could you explain.


The first machines produced by Inventables used an Arduino Uno with a gShield stepper motor controller.

Newer machines come with the X-controller (if ordered that way).

There is very little difference from the computer interface point of view, but Machine Setup may ask you so that it can tailor its questions to match the configuration that you have.

Yes. That is why I was confused. It is a new machine but was curious what Arduino does.
Thank you for all your help!

Limit Switch Issue: I am now in the process of calibrating the machine. X Carve 1000mm. The machine moves back and to the left, but I noticed that the limit switch (X Limit) doesn’t hit anything when it moves towards the left arm. Does this make sense?
Thank you

You should have installed a screw with a collar on the X axis beam to trip the X limit when moved to the left. Check back through the assembly instructions.

Yes. I installed them on the wrong arms. Thank you and sorry to bother you again.

No worries.

Hopefully one last question. The Z prove that is wired to the spindle. What does the other end get wired to? It ran through both wire covers, but I don’t see where or what to wire that to?

Which end?

I believe there is a socket that mounts on the Z axis carriage, then the other end would attach to the X-controller “Probe” terminal.

Ok. Well I thought I was all clear with the homing, but when the machine moves, it moves to the back left and not forward where the Y Limit would hit?

I got the PROBE wired in. Any thoughts on the homing process?

First, get your axes moving in the correct direction when you jog the machine. X+ is right, Y+ is back, Z+ is up.

Then make sure that $23=3

They are moving correctly. The direction that I am looking at it.

Then use machine inspector advanced to look at the grbl parameters and make sure that $23=3

Thank you. Got that fixed. Setting up Z Probe and not getting a reading either way. Touch the touch plate to the collet - always says no contact?