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Is there a particular software that everyone uses to cut. I am using Easel right now and really like it… However I do get nervous that Inventables will randomly close up shop some day… and I will be without any software to run my cnc. I have looked into Vcarve however. The verson for the x-carve will only cut up to 24x24. I have the 1000mm and would like to use a software that gives me full capabilities for my 1000mm cnc. Don’t ask me why Inventables wouldn’t offer a software that does not cut to the full range of their 1000mm version… I’m happy with everything else… you just never know when a business will up and close its doors in today’s society.

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Morning Casey. Easel will certainly run on the 1000mm machine. I’m assuming you need to correct your settings to tell the software what size machine you have.

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You need help

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I think you meant that V Carve Desktop will only operate in 24 x 24 space.
I have that software and do have to tile designs sometimes but not often.
I have only tiled through the Y axis for signs and that is rather simple.
I could see tiling in both X and Y would be a little tricky.
There are some who are using Fusion 360 which is free but has a steep learning curve.
You also may want to learn an other sender fort he g code if you are worried about Easle going away.

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Consider learning how to draw in a CAD program. There are free ones out there. I don’t use easel, but I draw in a 3d program. I convert the drawings to Gcode in either Meshcam ( 3d) or Cambam ( 2d) and run the code through the universal gcode sender which is a free download.

Casey, I suppose we could worry about manufacturers of everything we buy might go out of business. As far as I know there’s no reason to think Easel is going anywhere. In fact, it looks to be well supported. And, if something was to happen - there are alternatives.

I gotta be honest though Casey - nothing I’ve seen [2.5 D] is as easy to use and gives such admirable results.

I’m a hobbyist, not a professional. I bought a monthly subscription right before Christmas to help knock out a bunch of Christmas gifts. Four free days a month after that will suit me just fine after that.

Hello Dave. Thank you for your response. I was referring to the Vcarve software. It says on Inventables website that it will only cut up to 24x24" not the full 1000x1000mm. Thanks, I use Easel now… Just worried someday they may up and close shop. Just reaching out to see what kind of software everyone uses and likes.

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What software are you using?

Sorry Casey. I misread your post. I am using Easel. Quite happy with it and don’t foresee myself needing anything else, unless I get better and require more than the software is able to provide. I would think as the community grows and seeks more, that Inventables will keep adding to the software. Happy Holidays.

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No need to apologize… Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your time. Merry Christmas!

Rhino3d for all my drawing needs. Meshcam for 3d CAM and CamBam for 2D cam.

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I use Vcarve Pro from Vectric, no restriction as to size. The restrictions are on their Vcarve Desktop version but I started with that version and when I needed to carve larger than 24x24 I used the tiling function very easy to learn. Plus if you buy Desktop to start you can always upgrade to Pro at any time.

I use Deskproto for both my 2D and 3D machining, it’s not as well known as the other packages but I felt it was more powerful and better value than Meshcam.