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X-Carve Spindles

Could you share the model number and vendor of your VFD and spindle?

I bought them from here:
The 800 watt spindle is
and the VFD is

Note: My VFD has a dial on it for adjusting the spindle speed that is not in the picture.

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Just note that you pointed him to a 1.5KW spindle when it seems above that you use the same spindle most of us do, the .8kw spindle. Most everyone agrees that the 1.5kw spindle is far too heavy on the gantry on the XC. Just wanted to make sure he does not get stuck with a 1.5KW instead of .8KW. On a side note. I bought my last three spindles and VFD setups from the same seller. Their .8kw, 1.5kw and 2.2kw spindles have worked very well. Only the .8kw was used on the XC. Other two are for full metal and full ball screw mills I built.

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Good catch. I will update my post.


it has been a long time since the last post on this thread was posted and because of recent issues with my Dewalt I am looking into VFD spindles. From what I understand most people use 800w because of the weight. Looking at the date of the posts on this subject I assume they are talking about the 2 pieces X axis.

I have not found any information regarding the use larger (1.5 or 2.2kw) spindles on the new wide makerslide. I think that I would need to add support to the 2 extrusion on the Y axis. Would the makerslide upgrade be able to sustain the weight of a 1.5kw spindle without issue?

I would probably go with the 800w based on what most are using but it seems that there are some 1.5kw spindles that uses ER 16 collets which, if I understand correctly would allow me to use a wider range of bit size than the ER11 the 800w comes with.

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