X-Carve Stopped Running. X-Axis won't Move, Gcode Sender Won't Run, Easel Won't connect to COM3

I had issues today where the carving was all out of wack. Then after several attempts I must have prematurely closed Universal G Code Sender. I tried to start things up and the X-Axis was Jogging funny. I checked the V Nuts and they were a bit loose. I tightened them and tried running the machine and nothing works. I open Universal G-Code Sender and it does not seem to connect when I click open. I tried Easel and it doesn’t find COM3. I also try to move the X-Axis by hand and it’s very difficult to move, much more difficult than the Y Axis. I checked the wires and they seem to be good. I deleted the COM3 and plugged the X-Carve back in so COM3 installs. Still nothing.

I had the same problem, I accidentably nudged the wiring and pulled the g shield from the rduino a little. Make sure its seated properly :slight_smile:

That all seems to be good. I checked it all. I came across the culprit; When the X-Axis moves, the V Wheels Slip. I tightened the eccentric nuts a fair amount and I think they are too tight, nothing on the X-Axis will move. Then I loosen them up to the point where I can still turn them by hand a little, and the X-Axis will then move, but it moves then gets a few inches and they slip. Could it be that I’m just not finding the correct tightness? It seems I read I should tighten the Eccentric nuts a bit at a time, just till I can not longer turn them by hand. Does that sound right? It seems to now be difficult to get to that point. Could it be that the fine wood chips from the Birch Plywood make it more difficult for the V-Wheels to catch and turn.

Hey Doug,

The best way I have found to adjust the V-Wheels is to get them loose to the point where you can turn them by hand, then going just a hair more until you can’t turn them anymore (about 1/8" of a turn, maybe slightly more). When you tighten them down you need to hold the eccentric nut with the wrench and tighten with the allen wrench. You need to make sure the bolts are fairly secure, but don’t go all Hulk on it else you could strip the screw head.

Let me know if this works.

Hi: It was a bit of a challenge getting the eccentric nuts to tighten with the V-Wheels so they don’t spin. Still a little unsure, but got then all as close to what you described. Funny everything worked the very first time I set up the X-Carve. No I jog the X-Axis and it will go so far back and forth, even looking like things are good then it will catch. I’ll keep clicking the mouse button until finally the X-Axis will continue.

I think I’ve got it. Testing now …
Will keep you posted

what did you have to do to connect it in the end? I am having this same problem. You mentioned you deleted com2 and plugged it back in and nothing. Then on your next post it all seems to be communicating