X-Carve stopped working all of a sudden

System worked perfect for a week then just stopped when in between projects. IMAC OS X Yosemite 10.0.5, Safari. X-controller fan running, green lights front and back, shows connected to USB Bus as FT232R USB UART, tried different usb cable and all usb ports, firefox and chrome, reload of easle 3.1, restart computer must times. Help desk linked into computer and could not remedy. They recommended reflash card, which I tried and got 0 of 10 successful attempts and received “programmer not responding.” Checked all x-controller connections internal. System all of a sudden gave green carve light the other night and then quit working on next power up. Easel will not connect to reinitialize settings. I’ve tried another laptop (mac) and a microsoft laptop. No luck. At a complete loss. Thinking these’s a fault with the main board. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I had some of the same symptoms. Turned out my e-stop button wasn’t pulled out completely. It appeared out, but I really had to force it hard to release.

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Do you have homing swiches and soft limits set up? Have you tried to connect using Universal Gcode Sender?

I do have homing switches. They were all working well. Haven’t tried the UGCS yet. I’ll give that a shot.

Thank you. Set and reset the switch several times. Appears fully retracted.

In Easel open machine inspector. What does it say the status of your machine is?

The machine inspector says “port opened.” It cycles and says port opened about every three seconds.

Thanks Phil. The manual port entry selection is not available for Apple, however I tried with a Microsoft computer and the manual entry had no effect. Received a call back from customer support and they will remote in again to verify it’s not software related. Sending new controller components as they believe this may be a controller component hardware failure. If they find a software solution, I will post.
Appreciate the support here in the forum.

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