X Carve Storage Question

A career advancement opportunity is taking me away from my shop for an extended period of time.
Subsequently my X carve will be idle for roughly 6 months.
I know what I need to do with my other power tools/ Wood working equipment. But are there any suggestions for leaving an X Carve idle for long periods of time? I’ll not be covering any of the equipment because tarps/covers will only trap the humidity… work surfaces of my larger power tools will be waxed and moving parts will be sprayed down with lubricant/protectant where applicable, but i am not sure what I should do to the X Carve. Should I take the tension off the belts? Should I remover the Dewalt so that the weight is not satic on the rail?
I will be relocating the machine and disconnecting it from all forms of power… I have even considered disconnecting all electrical connections at the X-Controller.

any suggestions are appreciated.

thanks in advance

Remove the V-Wheels that ride on top of the rail… yes, I could set the X gantry on “blocks”. I’m thinking that If I remove the Dewalt, there won’t much weight on the Z carriage so flat spotting there shouldn’t be an issue???

The Delrin will develop flat spots if stored w/ pressure on them — the flat spots seem to work out in 24 hrs. or so, at least for reported occurrences, and I unfortunately leave my machines for weeks at a time, but fortunately, they fire right up and work fine.

My inclination for storage would be:

  • detension belts
  • move carriage and gantry to a corner
  • zip tie in place (in case the machine has to be moved)
  • cover loosely w/ a (breathable) cloth to prevent dust

Thanks All…