X Carve Suddenly Stopped working

Hello. I was starting a new carve this afternoon through Easel. I was able to go through all the setup steps, including setting up my zeros. When it went to carve the none of the axis’ would move. I stopped the carve, restarted everything, no luck. I even tried another laptop. It seemed like there was no longer a connection, but I was able to re-upload firmware.

Any clues or methods of diagnostics would be appreciated.

It looks like I had to do a soft reset? Maybe something to do with the limits? I was able to use the Machine Inspector in Easel to help me get going.

I have the carve going, now I just need to do a little R&D to better understand what went wrong.

It looks like my problem was not solved. After about 20% through a carve the machine stopped moving. And at this point I could no longer control the machine until I did the soft reset.

Recently there was an update to Easel that now includes functionality for limit switches, which I have and setup. Is there something with this new update that is causing me grieve? I’v had my X Carve for a couple of years, with casual use, and have never experienced these issues.

OK, now that I understand how to debug a bit, through the Machine Inspector I see that I’m getting an Alarm:1 and an error 9.
Oddly enough through this process a pop update for an easel driver popped up, so I installed it. I decided to try some simple shapes created in Easel, and they went through without a problem.
I go back to my earlier file, which was a 3D model out of VCarve, which I created and carved over a year ago, and the same thing occurs. Has something related to G-Code from vectric changed in recent months?
Let me investigate, the errors …

OK it seems like my soft and hard limits were enabled after a Grbl update. Used the Machine Inspector to disable them both.

For future reference use these to disable the limits:

Thanks to the other forum post and Inventables Support for clarify this for me.

It’s monday evening, so I won’t be able to do another long carve until the weekend,so I’ll report back then. But all seems good now.