X carve to sell

1000mm, with dust control unit, with end switches, with X controller, appr. 8 weeks old, works excellently. Located in Northeast New York, for pick up only. I have to give it up because I do not have the place for it available any more.

Also several router bits, most of them brand new, plus if interested brand new small laptop. and laptop holder.

Price $1000, pick up only.

should of posted this yesterday… i just ordered mine yesterday morning and live in long island new york

On Sunday I thought I still had a room…

Can’t it still be cancelled possibly? Or does Inventables ship that fast? Anyway: good luck. XCarve is a good choice, no doubt. Excellent product, and wonderful caring support.

Yes it was already at my house yesterday morning … I think it’s a 10% restocking fee

I do not think that is worth it, also the shipping costs for some packages…

Travelling from Long Island back and forth takes more time than assembling the item I’m afraid

GL! Feel free to contact me for any questions, I was / am an almost complete beginner in woodworking.