X-carve Tool kit details

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Very new to the forum and Cnc world. Planning to buy a fully loaded unit, but Im contemplating whether or not I should include the tool kit with my purchase… I have some tools already, the tool kit might be redundant.

Can someone inform me the details of the kit? as I might opt to buy the lacking tools on my own.


That was the most fun of the entire build. I had raw blisters in the palms of my hands like I had the stigmata.

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Contents are here:


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thank you!

[quote=“BobJewell, post:5, topic:26136”]If you already have these, you are doubling up and will only miss out on the cool carry case.

Yeah, really wish they offered the case as a separate item. Surprised they do not.

I think I still have a scar from the blister from almost a year ago.

I bought the kit, and for me at least, it was a total waste. I had all the tools, which is a very basic set, and the quality of the tools was ok, but just ok. And as far as the tool case goes, I threw it in the garbage long ago. Its pretty much just a pencil case like I used in grade 2.

The tool sack is pretty much a waste, I did use it on the Shapeoko2 and the Xcarve and they both pretty much did not do much to help, I actually bought the tap set before the system came in. The tools that comes with it is possibly the weakest they could of found to include no offense to the good people of Inventables I understand cost effectiveness of a bulk tool purchase can be daunting. The handle kept falling out of the tap so I just used the one that I bought. The torx driver was ok but I use bit tips in a ratchet screwdriver instead. I would say buy tools from a big box store as needed.

I didn’t buy the tools. However I’m assuming they just as good as the ones you find in the boxspring when you put your TV Stand together or whatever else comes in a box and you have to put it together usually a one time use type of deal

This is the best Customer Support ever!!!