X-carve under the bench instead?

i have been looking at different workbenches people built. Everyone I saw built their bench with the X-carve to be stored on top and storage underneath. My thinking is to do it the opposite and store the carve underneath the bench so that I can use the worktop above for other projects. Also being underneath it seems like it would be easier to enclose it, so that it captures the dust generated as well as for some sound deadening. Is there a reason others have not chose this path? Will the temperature underneath be too much for the electronics? would it be to difficult to access? What are your thoughts?

I think the temperature would be fine but it might be annoying to have to bend down to put material inside. It’s an interesting idea to keep the table clear for work though.

I could definitely see how that could get annoying. If you leave the wires long enough do you think it would it be possible to put it on plywood with heavy duty drawer slides so that it could be slid out when placing your pieces on then push back inside to be cut?

I think you would introduce a lot of vibration if you were on drawer sliders.

Yeah I can see the vibration possibly being a problem. Thanks for heads up. I guess the only way to no for sure will be to build it. If it doesn’t work then I will just put it on top like everyone else.

How did it work out for you? Did you go underneath or on top?