X-Carve Upgrade (XController) Feed rate issues


I just upgraded my XCarve to the wide y slide, and X-Controller…

However I had tu turn the power all the way up on the X-Controller pots to make it work since I have NMEA23 Steppers that where originally ordered as an option.

Everything went ok, except that once carving the feed rates keep braking bits. The material is correct, the feed rates on screen seem normal for the cut, but the feed does not seem to match what EASEL says to what the machine is trying to do.

I reduced the feedrates manually to 30% and 50%… But I can’t keep doing this for my carves. I want to know if I am missing something. A setting or something on the X-Controller side of things.

I am cutting Birch Plywood and Easel is setting a feed rate of : 762 mm/min Plunge rate of 228.6 mm/min

Any suggestions?

You may want to recheck your pots with how the instructions say to set them: http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/1000mm/step8/ and verify your pot settings. While you are verifying that, also verify your micro-stepping is setup. I think it’s covered in the same section of the instructions.

You may also want to verify your steps/mm setting. If that is off, it could show as an increased feed rate. I think the nominal is 40 steps/mm so if yours is set to like 60 steps/mm, to move 2 mm your machine would command to do 120 steps where you should be doing 80 steps. Those are your $100, $101, and $102 settings for GRBL. Check out this post for calibrating your steps/mm.

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Sounds like your steps/mm have changed like Justin mention as an option.

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FYI, In my case the new X-Controller that shipped to me in the last week, did not have the pots set per the instructions. The dip switches were OK, however the pots were all were pointing at 9 o’clock. They should have been at the 1-2 o’clock position per the image in the instructions. I called first and verified with staff that the instructions were correct before I moved them all to the correct location. I’ve had no issues.

I would urge everyone getting the new X-Controllers, check and make sure the pots are visually verified and positioned per the instructions.

Steve Nordahl
Nazareth, Pa.

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It looks like the instructions have changed since they were first released and they no longer say no modifications are needed. Originally they were stating no modifications were needed and now they have much clearer instructions on what needs to be set and changed. Always good to verify with the latest iteration of the instructions.

I’d still recommend following the instructions and setting the pots per the instructions and not all the way up. NEMA23 motors need around 2.8A and max of the Xcontroller based on specs is around 4.0A.

The way I always understood it was… if you had the original steppers (17 or 23) and left both motors wired into the one terminal block spot for both motors, then you had to adjust your pots.

If however you wired the motors separately into the Y1 and Y2 spots on the XController… then you don’t have to adjust the pots whatsoever… (I didn’t touch mine and knock on wood, all is good…)


I moved it all the way up because the machine was not moving at all. So I figured needed more power. I guess I have to measure and do it per instructions. Can I hurt something if I leave it like it is?

I might have gotten away with less pot values… I turned them all the way up for simplicity but with the old controller worked correctly.

I can move it freely without issues. Tension seems good too.

I will do the V-Wheel test…

Also. Can anyone tell me if I should configure how many quarter steps?

If your pots originally were the same as Steve’s (approx. 9 o’clock), then the current level would only be around 1A which could explain why you need more. I’m not 100% sure on whether running at max current would be advised. I’d think there would be issues long-term at a minimum.

Look at the post I linked earlier to calibrate your steps/mm. It’s a good video on how to do it. The instructions also show the proper DIP switch settings for micro stepping.

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100% on an x controller is 4A, motors won’t last long.


Thanks @JustinBusby