X carve upgrade Z axis Issue

I have a issue after doing the upgrade where the Z Axis codes out when attempting to probe… It gets 3/4 of the way down the errors out every time, as if the Z axis is to long for it. See the video here


Your video is not shared.
Does your Z move the correct distance when jogging?
Can you just start probing from closer?

When you setup machine there is a part at the z probe options step under “advanced settings” to edit the probe thickness as well as the actual code used to probe, if you edit the max movement used in there then it would probe further and not give you that error …

HOWEVER if you go through the machine setup again, make sure to double check that $102 and $3 didn’t get put back to factory, because I bet they will go back and if you don’t reset to the z upgrade values it’ll crash right into the stock on that next plunge

Yes, one inch is inch of movement. It acts as if the distance of travel is limited.

I have been looking for this, thank you. I’m sure that is the problem, cuss it acts as if it is limiting out on movement. I just have to find that setting which I bet you have to go in and resetup the machine which it does not mention in the upgrade instructions.

If a one inch jog moves one inch, your $102 is fine. Your $3 is correct because it’s moving the correct direction.

There’s no reason to probe from that far away. Jog the Z down so it’s a few mm above the probe before you start the probe sequence.

I’m not with my CNC to verify the exact line in that advanced settings, but there should be a line that goes something like this G38 Z-25.4 F(something) . . . It’s that negative Number after the Z that you can edit to make it go down further before erroring out. So if it’s currently going 3/4 of the way then you could change that to something like Z-40 (ish)

That said, I would also agree with Neil that the standard solution is to just get closer and that option is actually safer than making this change
but this is the change to do exactly what you were asking through the gcode.

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Don’t forget the .2 (G38.2 Z-25.4 F(something)).

Is that configurable in Easel? I don’t use Easel as a sender.

it is editable, but only in that machine setup process (which will automatically set the $102 and $3 back to stock factory) and that’s why I had added the note about checking them after and to put them Back to the settings used for the upgrade. . I made a whole video on it since the X-carve FB groups got a spike of ppl running the upgrades experiencing excessive plunges. If you want some more info about the specific issue… Easel Is BROKEN - The Fix for lost GRBL settings - YouTube


Also FYI:

The machine settings you access through the Machine Inspector is the Firmware. This is stored on the X-Controller and are specific to the machine connected to your PC. Unless you have an X-Carve connected, you will not see the firmware settings available. However, when you connect your machine the settings will persist as they are being read from that X-Controller.

Machine settings, such as what type of machine you have and the work area, are stored in the web-browser. However, these are stored after you have gone through the Machine Setup. If no machine has been setup, you will get the drop down menu to select a machine. This will change Easel’s display of the work area and other features like the Recommended Cut Settings (depending on the bit and material selection) which are specific to our various machines (Carvey, X-Carve 1000mm or X-Carve Pro).
Machine settings can clear in between sessions if your browser settings delete data or cache when closing. You would notice if you have this issue if Easel prompts you to setup the machine everytime you connect the X-Controller to a new computer.