X-Carve Upgrades Launch Event!

Join us June 3rd at 1:00 pm CST as we launch our brand new upgrade kit(s) for the X-Carve. These are updated versions of the kits that @LukeWilson created with TBD CNC and has updated since joining the team!

Plus we will be talking through lots of X-Carve Pro updates since it’s now shipping to customers!

Let us know what questions you’ve got on this post and we will do our best to cover it during the event (or follow up in this thread).

Join here:


I watched and then purchased the upgrade kit. I own the 2016+ newer machine and bought the upgraded stepper motors when I purchased back in 2018-2019. Are these new motors larger and have more torque then those because the name is the same NEMA 23 motors. Thanks

it is said and shown-same with the pro- that the machines can carve faster. It is my impression that with faster moving spindle the bits may break? Some of my bits broke due speed too high. Of course most of the bits broke because I made mistakes (moving over clamps, etc), but how do you avoid breaking bits while the project is running otherwise correctly?

Just watched the video the upgrade kit looks very good.
Will your stockists in the Uk have the upgrade kits for sale soon or will I have to purchase from yourself?

Hey Jason, yep they are around 1/2" longer and have 50% more torque than the stock motors. They are still NEMA 23, which describes the mounting hole pattern.

Hey Luke. I have your OG risers, stiffeners and Supergrade Z axis. Do you know if you guys will be selling components at some point? I like the stiffeners that are offered now. Will they work with my existing stuff?

Hey @DaveManning we are currently just selling the current stiffeners. All our current upgrades should work with your existing setup. Is there something specific you were trying to figure out?

Hey Brandon. I like the sides that block out the debris from leaving the work area. I bought a sheet of 1/4 cast acrylic recently to do same, but haven’t had the time to cut and fit it. Thanks for the reply.

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