X carve using a jtech laser on lightburn

hi all i have just bought a new jtech laser 4.2w. it works as I have tested it before using it. I’m using the light burn software for the laser. but I cant find anything when it asked to find laser. it is running through the x control.
do I need to download grbl to get it to work as not sure what that is.
as its all gcode was hoping it would all just plug in and work.
hope some one can help as I need it. I’m not great with computer so help would be good

many thanks adam sewell

Do you have it set for the spindle or laser in lightburn?

I might be thinking about picsender not sure that lightburn can be run with the spindle.

im not sure I will have a look where will that be please

I am not sure not in front of the computor right now. Like said i might be thinking about picsender. You said you tested it how did you do that?

@AdamSewell I just added the laser to mine. Go to the J Tech website. It has all the instructions on the install for the XCarve. It is very easy with step by step instructions. Here is a video of my setup. https://youtu.be/y7j3a0LeK3U I have a playlist of laser videos on my learning process. Maybe it will help you some also.


thankyou all I have been able to do it so thanks very much. just playing around with it now so happy it looks so good

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