X Carve Utilities App

I was thinking of putting together an “x-carve utilities app” of sorts to run on an iPhone. The app would be a “swipe-able” app that you could go from page to page on, taking you to different “calculators” or diagrams, or lists of tips etc.

There are a lot of great resources out there and within this forum. Thought it would be great to combine some of the most often searched or asked questions and their answers.

I threw together a quick mock up the other day (forgive the ugly user interface, as it is simply meant to get the backend code working).

I’d be happy to get it coded and posted to the App Store making it available for free.

thoughts? any ideas for other sections that the app could have?

maybe feed rate suggestions based on material?
bit catalogues with settings specific to certain software?
simple metric to imperial conversions…

Shoot some ideas out and lets see if we can create an app everyone can make use out off.

below is a quick screen recording of it running on my iPhone…



Not very sexy but gets the job done. I like it :+1:

They had a very experimental app like ~2 years ago. We were just talking about this last week
This calculator would be a great addition

Way Ugly for sure haha. But it is just place holder UI. Just things to get the backend code and page swiping working. Can easily be prettied up.

That would be great if inventables did their own app! I had no idea they were working on it at one time.

Capturing the feeds/speeds spreadsheet(s) going around would be good too since the real speed and feed calculators arent built for hobby machines. That and DeWalt runs way too fast for how slow the feed rate needs to be… but seems like there’s ‘good enough’ compromise that people have agreed on here.

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hey @BrianRizzo have you done anything with this app in the meantime? The vide above is broken now so I can’t see what you came up with. I’m a React Native developer and could collaborate on this to bring it to iOS/Android! I had the same thought recently and would really like to have a CNC toolbox app on my phone (and possibly an interface to CNCjs as well).

It didn’t really go anywhere, as I didn’t get much input on what features / data should be in the app. I would be happy to restart the efforts and brainstorm if some other people would like to share in the effort of coming up with the right info etc.