X-Carve vs. MPCNC

Hey Everyone,

When I started looking at CNC options I came down to a choice between the MPCNC and the X-Carve. I posted questions on a couple of forums looking for input on which one to buy.

In the end I went with the MPCNC. Not the best decision I have ever made…

As the proud owner of a new X-Carve that I am LOVING I have one question… Anyone want to buy an MPCNC machine…

The X-Carve is MUCH more rigid and accurate. I am able to run higher feed rates and get cleaner carves.

It is just so much more solid and stable.

The X-Carve build documentation has some rough spots. I am not the sharpest tool in the woodshop but I managed to get it built and producing usable projects quicker than the MPCNC. Mostly because when I was done with the build IT WORKED! Minor tweaks but no major issues.

I bought the 750 machine. After using it for a few days I have to ask: where is the 750x1000 version?

I want a wider machine that will (almost) fit on a 25" deep counter and still give me 30+ inches of X workspace.

I wanted to throw this out there in case there is another newbie with similar questions.

Take care.



You could easily change the size of your machine by changing a few pieces of extrusion, and using a longer belt on the axis you extend (obviously you would need a little slack on your current wiring to allow for the extra width, or you could replace e the relevant wires).

There are various people on here that have altered their machine dimensions, in fact I saw a thread the other day where the owner had extended it to 3000x1600mm

Come on lucky Bob, you’re making me look bad… I forgot about the drag chain

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I built mine to 750x1000 and love that size. I started at 500x1000 but 750x1000 is much more practical.

I had never heard of the MPCNC.

But upon seeing it now, I am curious to know what made you buy that one in the first place?

I had posted questions on a couple of forums and did not get much of a response regarding the differences. The folks with the MPCNC appeared to be very happy with their machines.

In the end I let price guide me and I got just what I paid for…