X-carve was doing alright, now its not

My xcarve was actually doing fairly well for a few days, and now its not.

There are 2 issues right now. 1. Being that it is continuously losing its last starting position. It started right from the home, and when it was finished with the cut, it returned back to its starting position, which was almost 3/16 away from the Y Axis starting position.This has resulted in several of my recent projects to be off for their final cut, and thus, ruining it.

  1. The machine is just randomly not working. Right now, its sitting there trying to home, and all it is doing is making a buzzing sound from the x-controller, and moving nothing. This was not happening a few days ago, but now it is, constently, and at random…

Machine is really starting to bother me. I was hoping that for $1500 bucks, it would at least be more usable out of the box than the DIY’s you can do for hundreds cheaper. I don’t like all the problems I am having. Especially when its costing me 5-10 per peice of wood that its ruining by messing up the projects.

I looked at the machine inspector and seen that it was having alarms. Alarm:8 and Error:9 I believe is what it said. It was having issues with com3 as well. It was losing communication with the device it seems.

Edit $27 from =1 to =3 and try again

What does that do?

I ended up restarting the whole computer, and it picked up fine.

Will the $27=3 be a permanent fix if it works?

Alarm8 => Failed pull-off on the Z-axis homing switch. With a longer pull-off distance (like 3mm) you can test if that is the case.

Wether it is the root of your issues I can not say.

OH cool.

If it does it again, I will give it a try and will let you know.

Will work the same as long as you, or an errant program doesn’t change it.

Ok ty.

Sounds like the problem wasn’t with the machine? Is it still listing position? That sounds like more of a mechanical issue.

I ended up homing it from the machine menu, because it wouldn’t run when asking me to home it from the carve interface. Not sure what the difference between the 2 would be. But, before I restarted, it wouldn’t communicate at all, which was strange because it just happened at random. It was working just shortly before that.

I would invite you to take another look at the equipment that you have, it has a hardware component and a software component. I feel that the hardware component lives up to its reputation as long as you provide the proper maintenance that comes with any mechanical device.

The software (Easel) which is not required to run the machine appears to consume a lot of forum bandwidth as people try desperately to get their projects complete.

Most of the people that don’t have significant issues are the ones that either don’t use Easel or use it very sparely for simple one off projects that they want to get done quickly.

I’m certainly ready to accept that my thoughts bout Easel are wrong, but the number of complaints would seem otherwise.

Not returning to the correct zero sounds like you are missing steps on the Y axis. Are you pushing the feed rates or cut depths too far? Is your Y belt a little loose. As others have mentioned, this is most likely a mechanical issue not software.

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Thanks for the reply LarryM.

I plan on learning the CNCjs program soon. Have just been trying to get a few other things done before then. So I am still using Easel for the time being.

I am really not sure what is wrong with the machine at all. Last night, it started losing X positioning in the middle of a cut and pushed the whole project about an inch to the left, which, took it off my board, and into my L bracket. I thought maybe a reset would fix it, so off and on with everything, and nope, ruined a second board just the same. Pretty frustrating.

Thanks Ray for the reply.

I’m using the default rates for the most part. I really don’t like to mess with anything this early in learning a system.

My belts feel just fine (at least, to a noob like me).

I really do not know what else to do with it at the moment. Just seems like one problem after another.

Here is a check list that might help


Nice write-up Larry! Hadn’t seen that before. :+1:

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Thanks, I’ll give that a look over!

hi zack
What’s the latest on your machine? Just curious if Larry’s list identified any root causes. A newbie here too, just trying to learn before parts come in for initial installation. Thank you

I didn’t make any adjustments to it, it stopped having the issue for the time being regarding the stopping. So I don’t know what caused it, or what made it stop.

As far as the homing goes, I am still working on getting that to be consistent across the changes. I am still having issues of it not picking up at the same location. Hopefully will get it all sorted.