X-Carve What's NeXt video

Our marketing team put together this “What’s NeXt” video. The idea was to hear back from the community what kinds of projects they are making or plan to make with their new X-Carve. It’s 30 seconds…more of a fun one.

So what’s next for folks here on the forum? Please post pics of your projects or future projects :stuck_out_tongue:


fun, but what IS neXt for xcarve? how about a roadmap or uservoice.com account?!

No pics, but sincerely hoping to upgrade from Easel usage to something that allows true 3D relief type carving in the near future. All the posts on the “It’s Alive!” thread have me drooling for true capabilities.

@JeremySimmons this one just came out :slight_smile: We haven’t got much feedback yet but because it just started shipping. Once people have started building them I suppose you could toss some ideas in this thread.

@RichardRemski you can import 3D relief type carvings through the g-code import which is in the import button menu. Also we’ve got some 3D stuff native in Easel we’re working on.