X-carve will not cut full depth


I’ll outline that problem as briefly as I can with the adjustments I tried.

-I’m cutting out shapes from a 0.25" piece of MDF and the machine will not cut all the way through it every time.

  • it’s shallow by ~0.0625" (1/16") across the whole wasteboard.
    -the same occurs when I use the z probe or manually assign starting position.
    -when I assign the starting position 0.0625" lower, it cuts to the appropriate depth.
    -my machine calibrations are perfect. I watched a video about how to do it and found no abnormalities at any axis ($100,$101,$102)
    -when I stack two pieces (0.5"), it still does not cut all the way through 0.25"
    -I’m importing G-code into easel produced from meshcam and double checked the measurements which were correct.
    -the bit is secure in the collet

any suggestions?


Have you measured the MDF, it is sometimes thicker than.25

Measure Z off the work surface.
Raise Z to material thickness +1/16" more. Use this as your Z-zero.
Make design 1/2 + 1/16" deep.

If the material still isnt cut through (evenly lacking) then you have Z-deflection
If the material is unevenly cut through your waste board may not be truly parallell to Z

I checked that. 0.25" precisely.
thank you

I tried this and it succeeds at cutting though the material. However there are troughs in my piece which are now cutting 1/16 too deep.
thank you for the suggestion.

I don’t know what z-axis deflection is but I will look it up.
thank you