X-Carve Wireless Pendant

Wouldn’t mind the Windows Phone App and neither would my HP Elite X3 =)

But would this also somehow work with the X-Controller? I assume not, eh?

Would there not be too much lag if you used a smartphone app to send inputs?

@BobJewell My current price is targeted at $165. Since one of the chips is hard to come by I’m investigating an alternative as I know a few people were interested in getting one.

One of the issues I was still facing was that the console is buried under a few layers of menus so after a job or at any point I wanted to start using it, I would still have to go back to the computer. Fortunately, with the Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut to open the console I learned about recently, I can now open and close the console from the pendant making it a little more “wireless”.

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Me too!

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man these are so sweet just got mine it makes life so much better and quicker

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I saw these are sold out. Any idea when more will be available?

I’m working on getting some made now that the holiday’s are winding down. I’ll let you know when they are available. Thanks for reaching out.

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Are you setting up a waiting list for these Beauties???
I’d love to get on a list to be the next one to get the latest model…

I would be interested in one as well.

Please add me to the list.

I’ve added a few to the inventory. I will have some more soon as I’m waiting for parts.

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I just bought the last one!

I must of brought the second last one LOL


Thanks guys. I’ll have some more available soon as some of the parts are on back order.

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I received mine on Monday and tested it out this evening. It is definitely a game changer. Thank you for designing this!!!

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@MechanicalGoose - I finally had some time to try and hook up the X-Pendant but I’m having issues. When I connect it to my laptop, the blue Activity light blinks for a few seconds and then the green Connected light comes on but it never shows up as a device. PLEASE HELP!

@BrianSkinnell, I trust we were able to work out everything through our email exchange. If not, please let me know.

For others that have messaged me or are waiting for them to be available, I have made a batch available to order shipping this week. Let me know any questions. Thanks.

@MechanicalGoose - yes everything seems to be working great. Is there any way to set a 1/16" (or smaller) bit to work with the Triquetra?