X Carve Wont Configure

I went to run my X-Carve like every other time, even ran it the day prior, but this time is is asking me to re-configure it before running the carve (as both my Y and X axis are backwards when commanding it to move left and right). So i went through the steps I have in the past to configure it, but it sat at the configuring page for about an hour and nothing happened…typically this takes a few minutes max.

So I went and downloaded the latest driver to ensure it was the most recent, restarted my computer and it was still sitting there. Not Configuring. I checked all my connections (USB and all) and nothing.

I am a little frustrated now, so figured i would reach out to ya’ll for some insight. Anyone have a suggestion?

For my situation, I bypassed the header USB connection and plugged a USB (mini) cable directly into the board. From there, I purchased a powered USB, made the correct connections and haven’t had an issue. Your situation might be different, but trying the bypass shouldn’t cost you anything but time, Usually this problem is caused by noise. And, my method is for an X-Controller.

Hope it helps.