X carve y axis jerky when carving

I have just recently just retightened all the straps and nothing seems to be off. is there something I am missing? the jerking can cause the machine to lose the zero. Need help asap. Thanks!


That’s chatter.


  • loose v wheels
  • too fast feed rate
  • too deep depth of cut
  • bit out of square
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ok awesome. I just required my unit too.
the bit is a .5 I was running it at:
plunge rate:20
depth per : .1
the v wheels are all tightened since I just checked it. I will try less on depth per pass.

it was on 2nd pass in video. depth I set at was 3/8ths

that you for your help

thank you for your help. I ended up turning down the speed a little and depth per pass and its fine now.

its actually still doing it. all the wheels are tight but not over tightened. I put it at 40, 20 and .07. for this bit, I thought it would be able to handle more no? open to any suggestions I may have missed or not thinking of. thank you!

What’d you tighten the belt to be?

Anytime that happens to me it’s because I’ve gotten to aggressive with my cuts, either too deep or too fast.

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Justin, I tightened the belts where it is like guitar strings. best way to describe it.

OK thank you sir.

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I had similar chatter when cutting in the x direction that was caused by flex on the Y rails. The chatter went away once I added two support brackets evenly spaced on the y axis rails. Mine has 1000mm rails. 750 and 500mm rails would have progressively more resistance to the flex that can contribute to chatter.

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Do you have pictures of the support brackets? I’m having he same issues.