X-Carve Y-Axis Not Moving Equally

Having a problem with my X-carve not moving properly. It seems the right side is dragging or getting stuck. This is most obviously when changing directions from forward to back or vice versa. Checked belts, cable tension, Y potometer, and pulleys.

From the video below, you will see that as the one side moves forward, the other side seems to move back a bit before moving forward. And the distance forward isn’t as much on the right side as the left.

Video of X-Carve Y-Axis Not Moving Equally

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

I’d check that your v-wheels aren’t too tight. Also I’d make sure your belts aren’t over tightened.

If all that’s good, make sure your pulleys aren’t slipping on the motor shaft, make sure the set screws are snugged down.

Loosening the belt made it worse. The pulleys are not slipping and the screws are snugged down. The pulleys
aren’t slipping, just out of ideas. Bad motor maybe?

Did you check the V-Wheels? I’d also double check your wire connections for the Y-axis motors.

One of the wires was cut right at the screw. Put it back on and it’s working like a charm. Thanks for the advice!

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Awesome! Glad it’s all sorted!

I know this is a super old post, and I wonder if you’ll even see it, but I just bought a 5 year old used Xcarve and you solved my issue! I’ve only done 2 cuts but I was wondering why the y-axis motors weren’t moving in unison and why the spindle head was becoming more unaligned as the cut progressed. Turns out one of the y axis motors wires had broken. As a noob to the cnc world, I thank you!

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