X-Carve Z-Axis 2x too deep

Hi all, I’ve noticed many similar discussions regarding this topic before, but I think my question is slightly different.

I built my first X-Carve just last week. It is brand new with all the latest/upgraded components. When I went to make my first carve this week I noticed immediately that the z-axis is diving too deep. I had a cut that was set for 0.47" and could see the z axis moving over 1 full inch.

I have read enough to see that there are often calibration issues, especially if you had an older model and upgraded the z-axis. That is not the case for me, and from everything I read it seems that the $102 value is what it needs to be for the new direct drive z axis (49.909).

I applied a value ~1/2 of what was default and did notice that the z axis moves closer to how it should, but still not perfect. I think with a little more tweaking and some math I could get it to move the way I expect with a $102 value somewhere in the 24-28 range.

My questions are - is this normal to need to tweak this value by that much? I understand there are some x controller switches that also could be on the wrong setting. Instead of taking that apart and confirming, does it accomplish the same thing if I simply re-calibrate the z the way I’ve laid out? In other words, I understand that the microstep settings are fractions. If it’s on a setting that is 2x too large, can I simply half the corresponding machine inspector value? Additionally, is there any concern with making these changes? Does it indicate a flaw in the assembly process that might create different issues down the road?

Sorry for the long-winded questions. As I’m sure many of you are aware, there’s plenty to learn at the beginning.

Thanks in advance!

Inside the xcontroller are dip switches for each axis that by changing the settings they effect the calibration of movement in steps of 0.5 or 2x incriments up and down… likely your dip switches are set wrong and thats why your machine isnt working properly with the default grbl settings