X-Carve Z-Axis Slide Recalibration Process (Z-Axis from CNC4Newbie)

Posting this because this answer took me 4 hours to track down. Surprisingly no instruction manual comes with the product and people here on the forum were less than helpful. Was told by multiple people to read through a 400+ comment thread and I would find the answer. The answer was comment #282. Very frustrating considering the answer is a simple 3 step process:

Kinda weird to still use Easel to make changes to one’s system but at the same time upgrading the machine to high-spec. Because of this discrepancy it took me way too long to realize what kind of weird UI that screenshot was showing since I’ve only ever used it once during the initial setup back in 2016.

That being said… Teach a man how to make fire and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life! ( Or something like that? ;D )

Personally, I found the linked GRBL Wiki indispensable for when it came to understand how the software side of my X-Carve works and how to get the most out of it - As in figuring things out yourself gets you soo much farther than having it presented on a silver tablet ( doesn’t mean a slight nudge in the right direction wouldn’t be welcome ;} )

I mean… Configuring your system with $102=50.059 simply because of a screenshot will only get you so far if the lead-screw you bought happens to have has a different pitch than the one used in the screenshot, no?


Posting screen shot of a number saying this is what to use might be ok for some. My $102 setting is not that. Searching the forum probably taught you more than you know


Thanks for the short cut.
While you’re doing your research for your project be sure to read over the community guidelines. Remember this, the people that correctly steered you to the post with the answer to your issue didn’t have to help at all.
The people here and this community in general are the best you’ll find.
Have a great day.


the reason you were pointed toward the thread that covers this upgrade…you can’t simply tell someone to enter a certain number into field 102…have you calculated those steps per mm also have you also entered the new height of your Z into GRBL so you have a new travel height for your Z and it also travels at a new speed, these need to be measured and calculated. what happens if you just tell everyone to enter a generic value, and someone does as you said but due to some slight differences in their machine and the Z slider slams into their waste board, warps the slider lead screw and they are now out a few hundred bucks, are you offering to cover replacement parts for telling them what values they needed and they were wrong?

pointing people to the location of info allows people to read the whole story behind what and why things are done for the upgrade.

This is CNC work, not plugging in a mouse to a pc. its not plug and play


Information has been disseminated and lessons learned. Thanks for the discussion folks, closing things out from here.


I understand your position, but Phil I don’t have the kind of time to be spending half a day figuring out how to change one number in Grbl settings just because people think I need to learn something. I am not using Xcarve for leisurely woodcarvings. I am prototyping aluminum parts for an aerospace defense company with deadlines.

Please understand that not everyone has the same use cases for their CNC and that your ideas of how things should be might not be a one size fits all philosophy.

I was very specific in my post: Z-Axis slide from manufacturer CNC4Newbie with a high speed lead screw = $102=50.059

That number is the answer for that z-Axis configuration. Not everything has to be complicated

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