X Carve Z Probe Help

When setting up my X Carve the Z Probe is not registering. Does not recognize touch plate.

Touch the touch plate to the collet

No contact on screen

I am assuming that you have the clip around the collet? Most likely a loose connection, check the connections at the back of the XController.

I do have a clip on the collet. And I have completely dismantled the X-Controller. Wired and rewired and still get the same message.

I just got going. Thank you for your help.

Take the clip off the collet and take the banana plug out of the brass puck. Clip the clip on the banana plug and see if you are getting connection. Then start tracing it backwards, check the plug on the carriage. if all of that is good then it has to go back to the XController. Is the plug seating properly in the back of the Xcontroller? It sounds like you are missing connectivity somewhere. Maybe try 2 pieces of copper stranded wire in the plug instead and when it asks to check connection just touch the ends together. Just keep removing possibilities.

Good deal

A better way to fix it is by getting Charley Thomas Triquetra touchplate. You can do all three axes in one step. Its great and Charley is a great guy to boot.