X-Cavre stops before the carve is complete. Any help, please

Has anyone had issues with their Xcarve stopping before the carving is complete? I have a layout I was trying to carve yesterday. Everything seemed to be going fine so I walked away for a little while. When I came back the machine had stopped and the computer showed the ‘complete’ screen asking how everything went. Since this was in pine and something for myself to use in the shop, I just re-homed the unit. I then deleted what was already cut and hit carve. The machine took off and started very very close to where I wanted it to:) I watched it for about 10-15 minutes, everything looked ok so I walked away. When I can back about 15 mins later, same thing happened. Machine was sitting there in the middle of the carve and the ‘complete’ screen was up again.
I was using WiFi which I thought might be the issue. Lucky so me I had the CAT5 cable already ran to the garage. I just needed to terminate both ends oc the CAT5 cable and plug things in. After getting the laptop connected via the CAT5 cable, I repeated my 2nd step from earlier. I deleted what was not needed, homed the unit and started to carve again. about 20 mind later, same thing. The machine stopped carving and the complete screen was shown.
The laptop is not going to sleep and the screen is not turning off. I made sure these options were set to 4 or more hrs.
Anyone have any pointers?
I do not mind working the bugs out of me or the machine, using pine but would like to get things figured out before I try it on some good stuff.
Any help would be wonderful.
Thank you in advance.

I was losing my mind over this happening. I tried every solution suggested in this and other forums. The last one I tried seems to have done the trick. Load your project in Easel, select machine setup, In lower right hand corner of box select advanced. select generate gcode, select export gcode, use universal gcode sender to send to your xcarve. UGS is a free download. I’ve been using it for over a month and haven’t had a problem since. It also seems to schedule cuts more efficiently and reduces cut time. Good luck.

Thank you. I have printed your information and will take it to the machine tomorrow and give it a shot. Much appreciated.