X-control mounting

Getting ready to wire up the X-Controller.

See in the instructions that there are 4 rubber feet in the base holes.

But I also see that those same base holes line up with a set of holes in the side board.

Is the x-controller supposed to just sit on the rubber feet on the side board or can you fasten it down to the side board using the matching holes? Or is it what ever your preference is?

The instructions are not very clear on that.


on the original design had no side board so you had to install the rubber feet and sit the controller somewhere close to the machine. On the side board (I upgraded) you remove the rubber feet and use some screws to fasten it to the board (much nicer).

So it is really up to you as to which one you prefer.

Mine kit came with the side board. I chose not to use it and instead just screwed my controller to the work table I built.

I have the sideboard but opted to just leave mine on its rubber feet sitting on the sideboard instead of screwing it down (or up, as it were). Whatever you like!