X controler free axis movment

anyone else find that with the x controller the xcarve axis’s move freely with the power on when pushed by hand(making it very difficult to change tools in between carves with out moving the router) and also when a job is done its seems to either disconnect form the pc or freezes ugs requiring a restart

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Regarding motor power, IIRC there is a dip switch setting that activate Step Idle power that keeps the power ON during stops. This can also be adjusted (value 255 = fully ON) in the GRBL settings.

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The X-controller has torque reduction circuitry that reduces the motor torque when the motors are idle. You can change this behavior with DIP switches. Each motor bank has a block of switches for setting the micro-stepping and torque reduction features.

got it sorted, thanks guys

I just looked into this because I made the change to disable auto torque. With it enabled and no motion (the reduction circuitry is triggered off the X/Y/Z step lines), it reduces the reference voltage for the stepper driver to 30% of the set value from the pots (per the driver datasheet).

That’s a pretty large reduction. In a “typical” carve, only the Z axis goes idle which may be okay since it is screw driven. But in a raster carve where you may have X or Y idle, that could introduce cut issues.

With the auto torque reduction enabled, I could move my carriage and X axis. With it disabled, the whole machine moves before the steppers slip. Maybe I need to secure the machine now.

Lachlan ross,
Did you solved the problem With restart ugs after a job ?

I have the same problem after a job

no but it doesn’t seem to do it every time, maybe its related to the electrical noise interference the new X controller is susceptible to

But it never stops in a middle of a job?
I have the same problem ,but i am just test drivning My upgraded
Xcarve right now.

mine will randomly cut out/disconnect from the pc during jobs as well, inventables are sending me some replacement parts that will hopefully sort it out

there are multiple posts on here about disconnection due to what appears to be electrical noise,from my understanding invetables even redesigned parts of the x controller a few months back to try and eliminate this and have had to send out the new replacement parts to several customers, me included

Each motor bank has a block of switches for setting the micro-stepping and torque reduction features

would this reduce the effectiveness of $1=255?

where is the specification for the dip switches on the x-controller? I didn’t see anything linked from https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-controller-kit or the usage page http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/upgrade/step3/2usage/

assuming you’re referring to this: 32039_Rev_E.pdf



The yellow high lighting is the switch that you would use to disable torque reduction.

I don’t have an X-controller, but the pictures I’ve seen posted here indicate that from the factory, torque reduction is enabled.

Torque reduction is enabled by default. Personally, I’ve disabled it on my Xcontroller now.

What are these replacement parts? I’m now getting this issue after I moved the CX to a new cart. I did just throw in a powered USB hub but only did 1 cut since and was super quick.