X controler problems

recently got the x controller now I am having a problem with carves not finishing, bloody thing stops at the same point in the carve every time bar one when I was testing on a scrap piece, never had this problem before switching to the new controller

yes there are many topics on this but no definitive solution

with so many people having this problem I cant believe inventables is selling this “upgrade” to people knowing full well it is defective, and I am pissed off I spent over $500AUD for an “upgrade” that has crippled my machine and cost me work and money, its simply not good enough

Which is because there is no single point of failure. People have experienced noise issues due to cell phones, microwave ovens, lights, routers, shop vacs … you name it.
So there is no 1 fix for all.

Bypass your USB front plate connector and try wihtout it - atleast you can either confirm this to be a fix, or that your problem lies elsewhere.

(I have no Xcarve products myself, nor affiliated with Inventables in any way other than being a forum member)

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and here was me thinking the “upgrade” would solve any noise problems not create new ones

mate im asking for help and of course I have contacted support in the mean time I have no time for fan boys so if you aren’t here to help I suggest you bugga off as I am really not in the mood

Do you have another usb cable? How is you spindle power routed? As my brushes wore, they introduced noise and my carves stopped. Have you tried an air carve with spindle off?

What noise problems did you have before?

Apparently you had a working system prior to using the X-controller.
If the carve stop at the exact same point then it is likely NOT an noise issue, noise will trip at random.

Locating noise issues is mainly done by eliminating possible sources, as I suggested earlier atleast try to bypass the front panel USB, and connect directly to the controller main board.
Let us now how that went :slight_smile:

seemed to be ok when I did and air carve but i didn’t let it finish so might try that again and see what happens

I will have to give that a try as well once i can afford to buy the appropriate cable, was hoping i didnt have to more money to get it working

I have re flashed the latest version of grbl (after getting some advice online) which seems to have made things worse, ugs cant even move the axis’s now

Downgrade GRBL atleast to a known good version - in order to rule out issues there.
You dont need a new cable to bypass the front panel USB connector - go right ahead and try.

Out of the Xcarve system the router is the biggest electrical noise generator, often noise originate here (but not always…) An air carve with router OFF will in many cases work just fine if noise is the culprit.

got it sorted uploaded the wrong version of grbl

and now my steps per mm are out and when I correct them the jog speed slows way down. Im not in the right frame of mind to sort all this out, anyone got a screen shot of the default $$ setting so I can see if I can just get back to the original problem

never mind got that sorted now I can get back to the main problem

Jogging with GRBL v1.1 and UGCS has changed to the jogging mode and is no longer just a rapid move, therefore the feed rate field changes the speed. The default is 60 ipm.

For steps/mm, the Xcarve default values are 40 for X and Y, and 188.95 for Z.

You actually do. The outside jack is a USB Type B, the internal is either a micro or mini USB plug. The cable that is shipped with the Xcontroller is a USB Type B to USB Type A.

I stand corrected, thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

Have you disabled the USB power saving feature on your computer? If it happens at the same spot every time, it could be a setting like power saving kicking in.

That version of UGCS is pretty old. I know @WillWinder has done many changes and tweaks since then. You may want to grab his latest “semi-stable” v2.0 build from his website and try that.

The last received response looks to be the last bit of a normal status message so maybe it is just a UGS versioning issue.

One tip: Disable the “idle current reduction” for the X, Y, and Z axis. It’s DIP switch #4 and not really discussed in the instructions. There’s a big difference when changing bits and I’ve yet to confirm but I think it can affect carves especially when pushing the machine (less Z torque when its idle but X and Y are moving).

have found a cable I can use to bypass the front connector(but to late at night to test now), USB power saving feature disabled, have downloaded and installed most recent version of ugs since pic was taken, will see how things go tomorrow

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