X-Controller 0v-10v analogue ouput

Hi All. Does anyone know how to control the output analogue connection of the spindle (0-10v) on the X-Controller. I’ve tried several things but only get 10v. I’m looking to achieve the full range from 0v to 10v output. Thanks JV

You control the 0-10v output using the PWM signal from grbl. So, to change 0-10v you have to change the spindle speed.

If you are using grbl 1.0c or 1.1f, you need to look at the grbl values in $30 and $31. They give the range of spindle speeds you can select.

So, if $30=1000 and $31=0 then the spindle speed range is 0 to 1000 rpm.

S1 would be about zero volts and S1000 would be about 10 volts on the 0-10v output. S500 would be about 5 volts.

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Thanks for that. I will give it a try and get back with results. JV