X Controller and 262oz Stepper

I am switch my X axis to a 262oz stepper as sometimes when I do a bit change X axis moves on me. But i noticed my original Vref1 to GND was set to .98 was that to low? My question is should I turn the Vref to 1.3V with the 262oz stepper as the voltage is different but the 140oz stepper amps are the same.

140 oz stepper
R=.83 Ohms

262 oz stepper
R=1.13 ohms

Amperage is your target so the VRef should be 1.3 for either of those motors. That voltage rating doesn’t really apply to what we are doing when using motor with a driver.

Thanks. So should I set all axis at 1.3 as the other 2 are 1.1 and .99

If all your motors are 2.8 amp then yes.