X-Controller and Mac

Hello everyone, I am very new in this world x-carve, I do not speak English, so I use a translator, I hope you can understand what I will consult.

1.- I built my machine X-Carve 1000mmx1000m, I took a little cost because the instructions to a certain point was all correct and then the codes on the web did not correspond with what I had. But in the end I have succeeded because it is not difficult to assemble.

2.- I have done some tests, I have broken some tools, but not by mistake, but nothing of the machine, this updated x-controller but with Z-Probe gives me many problems, does not respect the depth and that has led to Break some tools since when moving to start it does under zero. If the manual calibration all ok.

3.- What I can not do is Easel with Mac, my computer does not recognize anything, on windows 7 it did not work, but as I have some knowledge I found the problems and I solve it with additional drivers, I do not know if there is another step to Use with MAC or maybe it is the operating system that is the Last MacOS Sierra, but I can not make this work.

4.- Is there any X-controller manual of the switches that you carry inside the electronic board ???

I hope I can count on your help.


Which Mac are you running? If you’re not sure which it is then simply post your serial number and we can look it up. Every new Mac can run windows. You shouldn’t be having any problems unless it’s an ancient PowerPC Mac from back in the Stone Age.