X-Controller and "Machine Set-up"

I’ve noticed in the days since getting my X-Controller set-up that my “Machine Set-up” area in Easel is not usable… When asking for the port number, I enter it and it does not proceed, I just get the never-ending circle. I can hear the motors bumping a bit while it’s searching, with the old Arduino set-up it would do this once before it recognized the port. Now it bumps the motors repeatedly but never recognizes the port. Next is hit or miss. If I go directly over to “Carve” sometimes it will let me proceed with the process, sometimes it will tell me the port is not found. But if I go to “Machine Set-up” again, let it do it’s thing there, and then back to "Carve"it will let me proceed. So at some point it obviously finds the port, but I have not been able to get it to do it in “Machine Set-up” since the original configuration of the X-Controller.

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That behavior sort of reminds me of the behavior of a Chinese counterfeit Arduino. And just recently FTDI sent out another update to their USB/serial drivers to mess up their functionality. Did you happen to get your Uno on ebay or something?

When I started using the X-Controller my port number changed from 3 to 4.

@NathanButler… This is happening with the new X-Controller unit that Inventables just released.

@AllenMassey… Yes, mine did the same. And I’ve tried entering both port numbers in and there is no change. You wouldn’t be able to guess how many times I’ve gone to “settings” to verify the correct # or that it hasn’t changed!

Oh snap, I didn’t know they were out. I’m just now back after a long break from the forums :smirk:

Still in the first batch of 400 for $329. Delivery fairly quick. After they’re gone the next batch has an April delivery date.

I heard the April batch will be able to order assembled for the same price.

Anyone at Inventables care to comment on this??? I’ve tried a couple different browsers, Chromeand Explorer, same thing…

did you try and go direct to the USB port and not thur the jumper some have reported the same thing on another topic, also try firefox…

@BobMarinoff … Not sure what what you mean here. What “jumper”? I have one cable from my laptop to the unit,pluggedinto the USB.port. Could you give me a link also to the other topic where people are discussing this??? Thanks.

Internal USB jumper inside the X-Controller case.

@rpegg… well, if it was in the instructions to hook it up, I did. So what I’m gathering is I need to eliminate this and go direct to the board with my cable??? Without opening the box and taking a look, it sounds like the port mounted to the enclosure is then useless and I would have to put a penetration in the enclosure th get my cable in, is that correct? Sounds like Inventables needs to come up with a fix, that doesn’t sound optimal…

Can’t comment on whether you need to change anything. Mine works great stock. I was just letting you know which jumper he was talking about.

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no my suggestion it to try it the jumper may be bad !

@BobMarinoff Aaaah… understood. Thhat being said, I’m not so sure that’s the issue since I’ve been carving for a week and a half, so I’m definitely getting communication. But hey, stranger things have happened, right??!

Seems to me that the ground tabs in the USB bulkhead connector make intermittent contact, which sometimes kills the serial-comm-over-USB link. I’ve had X-Controller run well for days and then had jobs start stalling again.

Bypassing the USB bulkhead connector seems to have solved these connection/stalling issues for me.