X-controller and USB

For those of you with the X-controller, Have you installed the Arduino IDE and its FTDI USB device driver?
Did it seem to work any different with it than it did without it (the driver)? I have had a few problems every now and then connecting and wondered if Arduino driver would help.


I started with the arduino driver for my original x-carve electronics, and that worked fine, when I upgraded to the x-controller I found that I had to install the drivers linked in the instructions for functionality. I didn’t dig into it, but I suspect that the VID and PID of the X-controller is different and the bundled drivers that I already had didn’t support the x-controller. the FTDI drivers are pretty standard fare and connection issues are typically caused by 2 programs trying to use the com port at the same time (I’ve run into this trying to switch between easel and UGS)