X-Controller assembly complete in 90 minutes, one small correction

My X-Controller kit was delivered today and it took 90 minutes to assemble. There was only one minor confusing point. In the “Install Front Panel” section, subsection “3. Attach Buttons And USB Cable” the instructions state “Using the M3 phillips head screws, attach the USB cable to the front panel.”, but the pictures show 2 of the Button Head Cap M3 x 6mm Screws being used (so the screws all match). Either can be used, but if the phillips screws are used then the section BOM of 10 Button Head Cap Screw M3 x 6mm will have 2 unaccounted for screws. This caused me to spend time going back and double checking everything. Since I like everything to match I then replaced the screws.

I know it’s minor, but when you’re trying to follow instructions it’s stuff like that that throws you off your game. I opened an issue in the github documentation.

Cool we will take a look

Almost forgot. As others have noticed, a single washer between the case and fan doesn’t provide enough clearance, I had some washers so I added a second one on each screw and that cleared up the noise, so I’d at least recommend adding another 4 washers to the kit. Case fans like this are usually exhaust rather than intake fans and this unusual arrangement is causing the issue.

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What is the proper orientation of the fan, should it be an intake or exhaust?

On the regular g-shield, the fan blows onto the controller. From what I have seen it is the same for the x-controller.

According to the instructions the fan is an intake and blows directly on the heat sink. The problem is that means the spinning side of the fan is screwed to the back panel and doesn’t have enough clearance.


  1. replace fan with something that doesn’t sound like a Huey and a ShopVac had a baby.

  2. add a few more washers

Agree. The fan is crazy loud and is on the short list to be replaced!

Once you add washers so it doesn’t sound broken, when the CNC is running the fan noise is the least of your noise problems (unless maybe you’re using it as a laser cutter).

Ya I know but it’s just one of little things that will continue to bug me until I fix it.

If you are an RC person, take two servo mounting grommets and cut them in half. They will give more space for the fan and will hold the screws in place while installing the fan.

I’m missing M4X8MM screws to attach power supply to x controller box, am I missing something or are they located somewhere tricky?

Hello Steve
I’m building the x-Carve and it’s been great fun thus far. Now I’m starting the Controller Unit and I started checking all the materials necessary to build it. However I can’t find anything that even resembles a Phillips Head Screw. It says I should have 5 of them.
Is this what you were talking about in this post?.
Thanks, Steve (great posts and information BTW!)
Jim Forte jforte@jforte.com

I’m sorry, I don’t remember - that post was 5 years ago. I don’t know what Inventables might have changed since. You should call them, they should be very happy to help get you figured out.