X Controller bit and tool holder

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Walnut Bit and Accessory holder that fits on top of the X-Controller
Designed on Vectric Aspire, ran on easel using G-code.

5.125" x 10.125" x .93" thick.
G-code is 4 files due to it not allowing bit change. First 3 G-code use 1/4" upcut, Last G-code uses 1/8" spiral. Please check before using.

Tray complete.crv3d (320 KB)

tray 1.tap (1.2 KB)
tray 2.tap (55.0 KB)
tray 3.tap (76.6 KB)
tray 4.tap (1.1 KB)


Nice! My next project.

I never thought of this, very clever Idea. I like it!