X-controller Blinking Green Light. Dead Motor or Dead Controller?

Definitely not happy. I just did the firmware update last night and on the first cut we went to do I was just shaving epoxy off some coaster were making. I was literally going 40ipm with .018 per pass.

All the sudden the machine stops and the green light on the x-controller starts making this chugging sound where it was blinking off and on.

I stopped things immediately.

Did not see any damage at first. Then noticed some very almost not visible damage to what I think is the second from the left chip on the controller board.

Am I looking at an issue with a motor or isthis directly the x-controller itself?

I’ve had bad issues with the controller so much so this unit was sent to us complete from inventables. i noticed the small fan did not power up at all and all sorts of debris were inside.

Just curious if I replace the motor if its bad will it correct itself or am I again looking at a dead x-controller? This would be our THIRD x-controller to shit the bead and I’m now at a point I’m losing all confidence in Inventables with this product.

Photos and report directly to support.
Keep us posted.
There many reports of excellent customer service from Inventables.

Did you find a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the same issue.