X-controller computer control

Just upgraded to the X-Controller. After some time in assembly, re-wiring and getting past a silly issue w/ the e-stop button, I finally have my computer talking w/ the x-controller, just not the same language it seems.

Scenario 1 - Through Easel: This is on a computer that had been working well w/ the OG Arduino+gShield xcarve controller for a year now. In Easel, I did a new machine setup w/ all the same settings except Motion Controller. When testing the wiring, the X and Z are controlling the opposite. I have not yet swapped my cables since I had them labeled, but will do soon enough in this round of troubleshooting.

Scenario 2 - Universal Gcode Sender (UGS): I’m receiving an error when trying to Open (connect over COM4). I’ve changed the properties for that COM4 port to mach the expected Baud rate of 115200, but still nothing other then; “Error opening connection (jssc.SerialPortException): Port name - COM4; Method name - openPort(); Exception type - Port busy.”

Windows 10 Device Manager doesn’t show “Arduino” anywhere that I can see. The X-Controller must be using COM4 b/c that’s the only one I see become active once I connected the powered x-controller. Just names it generically "USB Serial Port (COM4) though.

Do any of those hint that I have a driver issue possibly? I installed a more current version of Arduino (1.6.13) but I’m still using the same version of UGS.

Xcontroller uses a USB to serial device that needs the FTDI drivers which appear to already be loaded.

You need to make sure Easel is completely closed before trying to use UGCS.

Thanks @JustinBusby you got me past that hurdle. I probably never had both open at the same time beyond this troubleshooting. I’m able to connect now in UGS, just getting a new Machine status of ‘Active State’ ‘Alarm’ and no manual control movement.

What I’ve noticed with my Xcontroller is every time I switch between Easel and UGCS, the machine does like a soft reset, locks the machine and requires homing or an unlock command.

That is working correctly. When you close the serial port and re-open it you effectively reset grbl.

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Extreme frustration w/ this whole upgrade process. Need to put the wraps on it for the day and come back later before the hammer becomes my tool of choice. Thanks all for the assistance so far.

Whenever you first connect you have to use the $X to reset the alarm in UGS or the $h to home the machine. That’s how you remove the alarm status and gain manual control.

Thanks @BretPatterson , the $X seemed to do the trick. Easy enough step to add each time, and I’m sure there is an explanation, but just odd that I never had to do that w/ the previous setup.

I figured since I did have the limit switches setup, I might as well home it, but that was a fail. One of the bump stops was misaligned so it didn’t trigger the limit switch and just grinded away. That was the Y axis. Something completely different was screwy w/ the Z. X was the only one that worked properly. Too impatient to try and troubleshoot that stuff anymore. Rolling w/out homing.

Thanks all for talking me through this. You guys (and gals) are a great community. I also had another topic going on the [x-controller assembly] (https://discuss.inventables.com/t/x-controller-assembly-notes/19590/19) where I brain farted w/ the e-stop switch.

Welcome, be sure to never use the return to zero button… It’s bad bad news.

Most likely the cause is homing turned on by default with the X-controller. If you are not going to home your machine you can set $22=0 and the machine will come up without the alarm.

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