X-Controller Fan, Loud

Man for such a small fan it sure is loud/annoying, its louder than my PC… Is this just me or is this normal? Almost like a constant buzzing noise from the fan.

Just like when I drive my car… I just turn the music up. :slight_smile:

I believe some on the forum have swapped them out… but once I have the router and DC going the fan is the last thing I hear…

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I was thinking of doing the same thing. I couldn’t find any thread about it though

Just experienced what I think the same thing… found I had managed to get the red/black wires feeding the fan sqeezed behind it just enough to make it contact the blades… I simply opened up the bracket holding the fan and moved the two wires feeding the fan bavk into thier notch on the back of the fan… reassembled and now its quiet as can be.

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I am not at home right now… but I think if you search “fan” and “X-controller” there are a few links of others with similar complaints of the noise. I believe some have swapped out with different fans…

Looks like the consensus is to replace it.

Xcontroller fan output on the board is 24V.

It’s a 40mm x 40mm fan.

Mine was bad out of the box. If a fan starts going bad, it also starts slowing down because it’s likely out of balance, and binding itself even more. My replacement is also starting to go bad after two months and an average use of about 2 hours a day. Last thing I want is a overheating controller and subsequent crash if it decides to kill the z axis as a overheating symptom. :p. I’ll be looking for a replacement as well.