X-controller fan

I am looking for a fan to replace the existing fan with something that doesnt sound like it will explode. any suggestions

looks like it’s a 40mm x 15mm @24v

I’m in the same boat. Inventables sent me a replacement as the first one had loose wires running from the fan motor and would cut in and out. The new one sounds so bad I’ve spend half a day trying to stop some of the vibrations and to space it off the face place no luck. Absolutely love the X controller, but the fan is absolute poo. Probably get one off eBay to try as it seems to be hard to find 24v fans here in new zealand that are 40x40.

Here are a couple from Mouser
Nice ball bearing and quiet

Orion OD4010-24MB 40x10 24VDC Ball Wire 6.4cfm 28dBA
Orion OD4010-24LB 40x10 24VDC Ball Wire 5.2cfm 24dBA

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wonder if 2 of these running together (one on the inside and one on the outside) its a 12v fan but, running them together should work right?

any thoughts on this one?

You can get them direct from 3D Maker World for $4.50

Or there is the ball bearing option for $6.50

There is also this option from Maker’s Tool Works
40mm fan $5

Has anyone come up with a good replacement that they have implemented? I’ve also tried a few things to space/mount the fan better and there is no lipstick that will make that pig of a fan work better. I’ve used the Noctua fans in other applications and they are great. Just wish they had a 24v version. I might just go with it and build something to drop the voltage down.

if you go that route please share.

I haven’t made a move yet myself.

Will do. I ordered a no name fan off eBay today that says its quiet. If its actually quiet and works, I will pass that along, otherwise I will go the Noctua route.

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I received the no name fan from eBay today. It’s definitely a huge improvement over the stock fan. Its still a bit louder than I would like, but I think its just because is such a small fan pushing so much air. If the stock fan is driving you nuts, this will probably do it for you.


For grins, I might go ahead and order the 12v Noctua fan. I have a bunch of these step down modules lying around which you can get from eBay as well to drop the voltage down to 12v. You will need a multimeter to set the trim pot setting to the correct spot to reach the desired voltage. This is very easy to do. You could also just use a few resisters and create a voltage divider.

I wired one up with the proper connectors to insert between the fan and the board, set the trim pot, and then put some shrink tubing around it. I will just stick it somewhere inside once I get the Noctua fan.

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